In China, Korea, Japan and other parts of Asia and Europe, Eastern Medicine is a holistic health care system that promotes body's natural healing mechanism with help of acupuncture and herbal medicine. Holistic Health Care means it sees the whole body and its relationship to other members of the body, not just in particular areas. Eastern Medicine can treat the root of the problems in internal medicine, OB/GYN, pediatrics and all other branches of medicine. But when it comes to patients requiring surgery and other western procedures, oriental medical doctors, as primary physicians, refer patients to western doctors.     

It is not uncommon to hear stories of patients that are "untreatable", as diagnosed by western doctors, are completely treated by oriental medical doctors. Furthermore, patients requiring surgery as diagnosed by western doctors, are diverted from surgery procedures, after seeing oriental medical doctors.

Eastern Medicine and Western Medicine, as two main health care systems in the world, can better human life by working as a team, complementing each other & giving options to patients.

Western Medicine is the choice for many people that must go through surgery procedures or very complicated diseases that can only be treated by series of tests and procedures. If you need urgent care, western doctors will take care of you very well. Whether you want to see western doctors or oriental medical doctors for all your health care needs, it is your choice. US is behind catching up with Eastern Medicine then the rest of the world, but it is in full gear now.

The obvious advantages of oriental medicine are the use of all natural method of healing procedure that do not have side effects, and low cost of treatment. Per visit cost of treatment at La Canada Acupuncture Clinic  averages around $70. Eastern Medicine is not a "one shot" procedure. It is a series of treatments that first need to change your body's response to acupuncture and herbal medicine. It is a gradual process and once your body reaches the full response level to acupuncture and herbal medicine, you will see results quickly. Commitment to seeing doctors regularly is the key in Eastern Medicine. In most cases, you will need to see doctors between 5 to 15 times, minimum 2 times a week in early phase. If you stop seeing doctors before the entire treatment process is complete, the symptom will come back and you will be put to the process from the beginning all over again. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to see doctors regularly, until the end of the entire treatment process.

We at Harbor Eastern Medical Group are dedicated to holistic care of our patients. We invite you to experience the wisdom of 5 thousand year tested and proven Eastern Medicine that changed lives of many. Welcome to La Canada Acupuncture Clinic !



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